2 Oct 2013

My eyes are bleeding! Kim Kardashian's latest style fails

Kim Kardashian's appearances on the cover of CR Fashion Book or @ Givenchy show during Paris Fashion Week could be classified as a total misunderstanding for those who really appreciate fashion in it's normal habitat. No wonder why Anna Wintour banned this starlet from the pages of Vogue after her MET Gala Givenchy flower disaster ensemble. The strange thing about this character is her latest relationship with French Vogue's former editor, Carine Roitfeld. First was Kimmie's appearance in CR Fashion Book, styled by Carine, Karl and Ricardo Tisci. For a moment, the awful styling and the "Miss America" title made us think that Kardashian's reality show image was ridiculed to the extreme by those giants of the industry.
 But what were we supposed to think when we saw Kimmie attending the Givenchy show and friendly chatting with Carine Roitfeld who made her look like this?

What were we supposed to think when we noticed Kim's latest appearance @ Madmoiselle C Paris premiere? Did she have a look in the mirror before leaving her hotel room?

This woman is trying so hard to get a place in the industry, that she even accepted to get herself into this suspiciously role of a slutty mommy just to get observed.

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