8 Jan 2014

Over the knee boots - how to wear them so you don't look like a whore

The first image that comes to my mind when I think of this piece of clothing is Julia Roberts having her ultimate celebrity moment in Pretty Woman. Though her character was a common hooker on the streets of LA, she managed to make a style statement with her legendary look. Remember that skinny dress with those over the knee lacquer boots she had? 

Well certainly this is a stage outfit that you wouldn't want to wear on a common day, unless you're Miley Cyrus craving for some attention from a bunch of messed up teenagers.

The most important thing you must know about over the knee boots is that you buy them on your own risk of looking like a cheap prostitute. If there are more than 2 mini dresses in your wardrobe, simply don't go with the boots, otherwise you will always be tempted to wear them together, which will basically set the end of your style dignity The second, but not less important general truth about this type of shoes is pretty much related to discrimination. Remeber, if you don't have the attitude of Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo's body, Miranda Kerr's long legs and the plain style assumption of Emanuelle Alt, you are not allowed to wear them. And of course, I forgot about Victoria Beckham' s balls. 

Whether you go for the heels or the flat ones, remember that those shoes are the celebrity part of your outfit. For a cool, relaxed look, wear them with a pair of skinny Isabel Marant alike jeans and play with the top part of the outfit. You can do a tuxedo inspired blazer, a shirt or even an extra large sweater.

Emanuelle Alt

Emanuelle Alt

Kate Moss

Victoria Beckham
 Avoid the low cuts,  sexy printed tops and combinations like that:

Boho inspired looks are still on trend, so don't think too much before wearing a flower printed chiffon dress with over the knee boots - sexy, still decent. 

You can also wear them with denim shorts, but only on special occasions like a music festival or when you go clubbing. In this example bellow, Lena Perminova pulled more of a casual, relaxed outfit.

Try to wear the tight, leggings like boots under a pencil dress inspired by Victoria Beckham. By not showing any leg you can achieve a sexier look than you would by wearing a short skirt with stilettos.  

For a more daring, provocative style, pair the boots with a short dress with kinky details, as Ania from Ania B did with that Zara beautiful piece. For more inspiration, take a look at some celebrity outfits showcasting it:

Don't do this at home!

Here is a selection of various designer and affordable retail models:





Isabel Marant


Mc Queen

Rick Owens

Stuart Weitzman

Tom Ford

Aldo 199$

H&M 149$

H&M 149$

Jefrey Campbell 355$

Nine West 146$

Zara 399$

Which pair is your favorite?

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