17 Apr 2014

Victoria Beckham is turning 40. See the best and worst moments from her style evolution!

She's a beautiful mom of four children, the wife of probably the most desirable man in the world and a successful business woman with a developing fashion brand. You gotta love her or hate her, Victoria Beckham is certainly one of the IT girls that will provoke some opinions. Since she's turning 40 today, let's take a look at her best and worst style moments. How Lady Posh turned into Victoria Beckham and how did she manage to build her own fashion world:

The late 90's aka the beginning of the posh era

Some moments that were meant to be. Because not all the style icons are born like that.

The "pimp my ride" era. Early 2000's were so full of kitsch that we have to admit lady posh was looking pretty much decent with her love for Cavalli and boobies.

One of her most memorable looks from her posh era. We bet she feels ashamed for that moment now.

The first "Birkin Loubies" moments.

 That period when she was trying too hard to pose and couldn't keep her mouth closed. Almost like all the style bloggers nowadays.

The bob era. As soon as she cut her hair in 2006, Lady Posh got the legitimate title of a style icon. 

...though she was still trying herself into that baby doll thing.

And this is how she reached the front rows. A good haircut can change your life, ladies.

She had some slutty moments as well in 2007...

...just because boobs don't go to well without a Herve Leger bandage dress.

...and she gave up realizing a pixie and some masculine cuts can make you look sexy and smart as well. 

2008: making it into the fashion business and building her own style signature. You know all those fitted midi dresses she designs now by herself. 

That moment when Lady Posh realized airports could be nice catwalks for her. And she started making out with the camera as she wouldn't care. Carrying her Birkins or Chanels with a half raised hand and usually touching her over-sized eyeglasses. What an excellent marketing move.

...and she had a lot of Hermes bags.

...and sky scrapper Loubies as well. 

Making her way to the British Fashion Awards in 2009.

  ...and having a single picture with no heels.

And then, suddenly, the glam, sexy Lady Posh transformed into a modest, not posing Victoria Beckham. The designer era started in 2010.

Though she was pregnant with Harper Seven, Victoria never stopped wearing those killer heels. 

In 2011 Victoria Beckham gave up her Birkins in exchange for the most important "accessory " she could carry. Harper Seven Bekham made her way into the fashion world as soon as she was born. Her celebrity mom would take her to New York Fashion Week when she was only few months old.

2012: As she became an acknowledged designer in the industry, Victoria Beckham would wear her exquisite designs on all the occasions.   

So here are the best lessons we've got from Victoria Beckham's style evolution:
1. We all had that awkward moments...at least once. 
2.  A good haircut can change your life.
3. Walking like you don't care can be better than wearing expensive stuff. But still, expensive stuff will make it look better.
4. Flared jeans can save your life if you are short like a midget.
5. Louboutins can break your back.
6. Try and try until you find yourself.
7. "Never smiling" doesn't mean " unhappy". But that's already life coaching and we are not into this now.

What is your favorite Lady Posh moment? 

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