9 Jun 2014

10 rules you must follow for spending less and getting more on sales

As the summer sales season is ready to kick off, you are desperately thinking about few items you had your eyes on since forever... well, if forever means 5 months. No hurry! Take a break before you buy. Speaking from our odd experiences, we reveal some mandatory rules to follow for a smart shopping session during sales. 

1. Have a snack before you go for grocery shopping. 
That's what they say and apparently it works for apparel as well. Before taking your favorite shopping spots by storm, take a deep yoga breath and a look in your wardrobe. You will realize you have lots of unworn stuff that you bought for a regular price. Then why would you spend more on sales? Set yourself some rules of not buying anything if you still have items you've never worn in your wardrobe. Yes, fate is a bitch. 

2. Leave your credit card home.
...All of them... Unless yours are in someway "made of elastic rubber". No kidding! A rigorously established budget might be your rescue.

3. 99 is actually 100!
It seems like an old marketing trick that you claim to be aware of, but in the end, when you get to the dream rack full of goodies, you don't even realize how your brain works against your wallet. Control yourself and remain self conscious about the prices.

4. Pick the right sizes!
You are always tempted to think those 200$ Jimmy Choos will stretch a little. They won't! Unless you use a hammer to help them. Neither will that extra small top. You'll end keeping them in your wardrobe as a reminder of those times when your financial awareness was on holidays. 

5. Avoid "raped" items!
Make sure you notice all the defects, stains and pulled threads. Most clothes end on the sale rack for a reason - they are not being sold. Remember that people are as crazy as you are when it comes to 80% off, some of them might get really wild and tear up the garments. 

6. Don't buy seasonal IT items!
That's why the are actually called seasonal - they come and go before you'll to even love them. Yet, if you're a trend junkie, make some research before going for shopping and find out what are the main trends of the upcoming season. That's a great way to trick the unstoppable circle of fashion. In the end, what goes around, comes around.

7. Go back to basics!
Nothing could be better than a leather jacket on 70% off. Maybe only a leather jacket on 80% off. Sales are the best opportunity to replenish your basic wardrobe. Spend less money on denim, tank tops, cashmere cardigans, turtlenecks, leggings, ballet flats and so on... 

8. Invest in timeless pieces!
Avoid shapes, colors and prints that won't last an eternity and invest your savings in some classics, especially if your main target is the high end department. A Max Mara camel coat, the Brunello Cuccinelli luxurious textures, a Belstaff wax jacket, the Alaia knits - you will always find some precious items that you will wear forever. 

9. Accessorize it!
Shoes and bags are always a great idea, especially when you get them for a reasonable price. If you didn't afford a leather high quality tote before, you have a chance to purchase one on sale. Talking about shoes, make sure you replenish your must collection. A woman should always have a pair of nude stilleto, ballet flats, wedges, flat sandals, chic evening sandals, a black pointy toe and a pair of sneakers. The rest of it is desire. Likewise you should invest in jewelry - pearls and diamonds are always welcome. 

10. Don't buy what you don't need!
Last but not least: "It's so cheap!" doesn't make it more suitable for you. Avoid items on which you have a 5 minutes crush. You can always do better! There are certain things in this cruel world of fashion that you just have to leave on the rack.

Let the fun begin!

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