22 Jul 2014

30 items under 30$ you should buy on sale at Zara

As the summer sale goes and you are tempted to spend your last savings on your fashionable desires, we recommend you to take a break and think over. There are certain things you should invest in during sales, so we tried to make it easier for you by choosing from hundreds of items the perfect style/quality/price match. As big retail stores are a mess during the sale period, we advise you to take a look at their online shopping platform before taking the stores by storm. 

But first, you should definitely read and learn by heart the basic guide of rules to follow during sales: www.nonamefashion.eu/2014/06/10-rules-you-must-follow-for-spending.html 

So, here are some items under 30$ you should buy from Zara:

*White T-shirts, tank tops and camisoles are always a good idea. Why pay the full price if you could get them on sales. Their style never changes.

double layer silk top, 29.99$
long camisole top 11.99$
T-shirt with pocket, 15.99$
special quality sleeveless top, 11.99$ 
silk knit tank top 19.99$
round neck T-shirt, 19.99$
ribbed tank top, 11.99$

*Shirts are always a good idea as well. You can do oversized white shirts, boyfriend cuts, denim or shirt tunics, they usually work with everything from your closet.

oversized poplin shirt, 29.99
contrasting oversized shirt 25.99$
denim shirt, 25.99$
top with side zip, 29.99$
shirt with pleated back, 19.99$
studio sleeveless tunic, 29.99$
*But you can always go for some fashionable items. Never too much, thought! Make sure the prints or the shapes you choose are not to seasonally trendy.
maxiflower printed skirt 29.99$
long printed dress, 29.99$
combination printed top, 29.99$
combined top with slits, 25.99 $
Floral print cotton scarf 11.99$
*When talking about bottoms, go for jeggins, mom or boyfriend denims, loose summer pants, white denims and the classy black slim fits.
bleached mom fit jeans, 29.99$
jeggins, 19.99$


linen side strap trousers, 29.99$
loose pajama style trousers, 29.99$
ripped skinny trousers, 29.99$
skinny trousers with zips, 29.99$
*Don't forget about the classy pieces: knitwear, a pencil skirt, a little black dress or some comfortable leather heels you could wear to work.
asymmetric neckline dress, 29.99$

cable knit sweater, 19.99$

pencil skirt with front seams, 19.99$

ribbed cardigan, 19.99$

two tone leather heels, 19.99$
Enjoy your shopping!


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