18 Aug 2014

How I've experienced heaven on earth

Heaven on earth, we tend to use this phrase to describe exotic places, food or experiences that make us extremely happy, and we usually exaggerate it, let's admit.  Yesterday I've got to know a totally different meaning of this words. I saw Lake Moraine back in October and it was spectacular, but the way I've experienced it on our last trip was absolutely out of this world. I remember when I was a child, religious missionaries would give us books with clearly visualized Bible stories. The chapters about heaven would always look extremely colored and unreal. In my puerile perception, it was a place that I would never see in reality. But then, over 20 years I've got to see Lake Moraine, a place I can literally call heaven on earth now. Imagine a turquoise (that needs no Instagram filter) water in the heart of the Canadian Rokies. Imagine how you would climb some rocks and get to see this insane scenery from a bird's view. Imagine how you would get on a boat to the other side of the lake where you would breath peace and silence with a strong smell of wood and with a view of water falling from a sharp top of a mountain. It was exactly like I would imagine heaven, with identical views and serene emotions. 

PS! I wore...who the hack cares about it:)))

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