30 Sep 2014

How to get Victoria Beckham's 8000$ leopard skirt look on a budget

As much as we love Victoria Beckham's latest style, we have to admit that wearing an 8000$  skirt on a usual duty day sounds quite like a fashionista's fairy tale gone bad to us. That's why we decided to recreate the leopard print inspired look we liked so much on a budget, because even Dolce&Gabanna feels ridiculously affordable when compared to that pony hair Balmain skirt. 

But first let's get through some usual tips to know when you decide to wear a leopard skirt:
1. Make sure the print doesn't look cheap.
2. Downplay the print with black or nude shades.
3. Keep it plain and simple. 
4. Never wear too many gold accessories.
5. Unless you are really confident with mixing and matching, don't put together leopard with other prints. 

Victoria Beckham inspired leopard look

Victoria Beckham inspired leopard look

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