15 Oct 2014

8 reasons you should save for a Victoria Beckham dress

"There is nothing better than a little black dress" you will read in every fashion magazine. There is! And this is a collection of 8 almost basic dresses from Victoria Beckham. As she was probably inspired by the aesthetics of Roland Mouret, one of her favorite designers back in the posh times, Miss Beckham managed to transform the midi  stretchy dress into a personal signature. It might look simple, but the perfect cut, the thick fabrics that hide it all and some little details like a back zipper or an abstract print transform a Victoria Beckham dress into a statement. Nevertheless a thing that really matters is the way it makes you feel when you are wearing it. It is empowering, versatile and feminine, just like Miss Beckham describes it. Here are 8 reasons you should put some money aside this fall:

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