27 Oct 2014

How to make your daily work outfit a little bit more fun (part 1)

Dressing in the morning is a huge issue for every woman, especially if that woman works in a business environment where rules should be followed while she is offered zero tolerance for bright colors and prints. Accountants, lawyers, marketers and officials they all struggle with one problem - the fear of black and white. There are two options corporate women usually think they have when they open their closet at 6:30 AM on a daily basis. First comes the "never go wrong and boring" black suit with a white fitted shirt. She will wear the skirt on Mondays in a failed attempt to start the week with elegance and, of course, she will leave the pants for the casual Fridays. The second option could resume to a party dress, just because weekends are not enough, an extremely low v neck sweater or some casual tunics borrowed from the "go for a walk" wardrobe. Unlike the boring, still classy day to day pant suits, this items should be considered a serious issue of the dressing ethics. So when you get to the point when you realize there is nothing to wear to work, always remember that you can replace black with navy and white with pale blue. Therefore, if your organisation's dress code allows prints, don't hesitate to put some color in you outfit while making sure you know when enough is enough. If you are not comfortable with mixing and matching colors and prints, pull off an interesting cut that works better for your body shape. Keep the accessories on a minimalist note and under any circumstances do not wear heels higher than your goals. Good luck, I know you can work it way better than me!

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