7 Oct 2014

Same shoes - different prices. Is Zara cheating on its clients?

I decided to write this article as I am profoundly disappointed with one of my favorite retailers. As far as I know, Zara has a clearly settled price policy that involves just some currency adjustments that can change the numbers depending on the country. The only city where you can actually buy Zara for a lower price is Barcelona. You can get some fast fashion for about 20% off in the hometown of the Spanish retailer. But, hey, as much as we would love some shopping in Barcelona from time to time, local Zara stores and the online ones seem at least a cheaper option. While in Washington DC, I decided to visit one of the local Zara stores just to browse through the new fall collection. I discovered a pair of leather strap sandals that I really liked for a really low price. Unfortunately they couldn't find the second shoe of my pair and I left with the idea that I will get them online or in our local Calgary store. First I discovered they were more expensive in the store and I got confused, thinking it might be the currency adjustment, but after I finally bought them online for only 39.99 Canadian dollars, I payed one more visit to the store just to check on the new stuff. I was surprised to find out that the price of those shoes was changed again. They were already 99 dollars. I asked the sales associate why they had a different price and he told me it might be another model. I've checked the SKU number and it was identical with the one from the online store. The leather high heel sandal bootie is still 39.99 dollars online. Frankly I am still confused about this situation and I wonder whether we should check the prices online before buying things in Zara stores? Was it a mistake or is the retailer cheating on its clients? And if it was a mistake of the local staff, is it possible they could get the wrong price twice?

PS! the sandals actually fit perfectly and are a really nice acquisition to a minimalist wardrobe.  

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